Keurig- A Helpful Alternative To Regular Coffee Makers

03 Sep


I used to have regular coffee makers. I had a Krupps. I had a Mr Coffee. I had a no name brand. They were all great and took care of business. Coffee was brewed. The problem for me though is sometimes I make TOO much coffee. I tried to think of how many cups I would drink and make that amount. But it didn’t always work and I would end up wasting coffee and throwing it out. Once I got the Keurig, all of that stopped.

What I love about the Keurig is that you make one cup at a time. AND you can select what SIZE cup you are making! So just enough water is being used. And like those of us who live in California, we need to watch every drop of water we use during this drought. Another feature that I like is most Keurigs come with a “My K-Cup” (Or you can purchase one.).


WIth the My K-Cup you can add whatever coffee grounds from your favorite coffee brands. And its measured as you only put in a certain amount. It’s also great if you don’t want to use the pre packaged plastic k-cups of coffee that are available. Again there is no wasting or polluting the world. (I take the coffee grounds and put them in my plants or trees.)


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