Super Tip Tuesday- 5 Questions You Should Have Good Answers To During An Interview

02 Sep


You should always be prepared AND confident when you go in to a job interview. It’s your ONE time to grab their attention and see that you are the BEST choice for the position they are offering. Here are five questions that might come up during an interview:

Why did you leave your last job?

Never put your former employer or your co-workers in a negative light. Don’t blame them for your departure. Give a positive reason, such as you left to take advantage of another opportunity that was better suited to your skills.

Have you had difficulties getting along with supervisors or co-workers?
No one is a saint. Sometimes personalities clash with the people you work with. Think carefully before you answer. Don’t go into a lot of details. A good answer might be, “Nothing major. I try to get along with everyone.”

How do you deal with stress on the job?
The employer wants to know if you’re going to run out the door when things get stressful. Ask yourself if you thrive on working with deadlines or if you need creative time to function more effectively. Think about how you handle stress and be honest. “I focus on the work I’m doing,and stay calm and centered.”

Do you have questions for me?
Always have a few questions. They show that you researched the company. Ask about a
current issue the company is working on or how their recent layoff in another department
affected company morale.

Why should we hire you?
Even though 20 people may be waiting outside, you need to sound confident, calm, and capable. Explain how your experience has prepared you for the job. Emphasize the qualities you think the employer is looking for, such as your outstanding work ethic or the fact that you’re a fast learner.

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