Sort Out Sunday- Picking One Thing To Accomplish In A Week.

31 Aug


Either on Sunday night or early Monday morning, pick ONE thing to accomplish that week!  It can be anything. For me next week it will be organizing my receipts from my recent 3 week road trip. Write it on a piece of paper or post it note! Stick it where you will see it EVERYDAY! (For those of you in Los Angeles, stick it on your car’s dashboard. Hehe)

Then work towards accomplishing it.  You have seven days to do it. Depending on what IT is, you can do a little bit of it each day. Or you can wait till Saturday to do it. You have time to get the materials or resources together. For me, it takes some of the pressure off. But hold yourself accountable to get it finished before the week is up.  Keep looking at that note!Just ONE thing!!!

After the week is up, take a look at how you handled it. Did you complete the task? How did you go about completing the task? What kinds of feelings did you have about the challenge during that time? And how do you feel now? You might be pleasantly surprised or realize there is need for improvement. Luckily there are many weeks in a year to do it again!

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