That Shirt Doesn’t Fit Me Anymore And It Has Stains On It!

29 Aug


I encourage everyone who is reading this post to do this TODAY! You can do it RIGHT now if you are at home. Or do it after work when you get home! Pick a drawer in bedroom or closet that has shirts in it and go through that drawer and take out and set aside any shirt that is ripped, stained, torn to pieces, stretched out, too tight and only put back in shirts that are in good and/or semi-good condition. 

Take the new pile you made and either cut the shirts and make into rags for cleaning and dusting or throw away! If while going through this drawer, you pulled out shirts that are decent but you just don’t wear anymore, then donate or give away! AND you may get reintroduced to shirts you haven’t worn in awhile but love. You can wear those again!  DO it!!! Just ONE drawer!!!!

How does it feel? (Good?) Do you have more room? ( probably) How long did it take you to do that? ( not that long) If you feel compelled too, pick another drawer and do the same thing. OR on another day, do it again! Cleaning can start small. Any movement is good! DO it today!

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