Big Brother 16: The Simple Answer To Who Should Win

27 Aug


I started an online conversation last week on who we think should win this season of Big Brother. People chimed in on who they think should win. Others voiced who they’d like to see get the money. Derrick and Donny were the top two names that came up over and over in the discussion. In the middle of the thread, someone wrote, “Point is whoever wins should win, that’s how this game works.”  Hmm, I guess that’s true.

At first I thought the person was getting smart with me (this is online after all) but I REALLY started to think about it. Like I talk about in a previous blog What We See VS What They See, WE see all the different sides of the players and the game, The players don’t. they are going by and therefore voting on what they feel, see, or know. Because we have the bigger picture, of course we would have a different opinion to who should win. If the house guest had a glimpse into the DR’s and private conversations and secret alliances, then it would be an entirely different game.

I never really looked at the game this way before. I got caught up in what I SEE and my opinions on who deserves the money based on that. Now with ALL of that said, I still know who I’d like to win the game. But… the end, when someone wins, it’s who SHOULD win. Right? Maybe? Kinda?

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