True Blood: The End.

24 Aug


True Blood is ending tonight. I have mixed feelings about it ending. While I have many friends who stopped watching the show seasons ago, I have faithfully watched the full seven seasons. Have I loved every season? No. But I have found the show entertaining enough to keep me interested. I feel the show has not topped its excellent first and second seasons. But I have become emotionally invested in several characters and that counts for something.


Tara was one of those characters I liked, then hated, then liked, then hated,etc. Rutina Wesley did such a great job. Eric was someone I ALWAYS liked from beginning to now the end. He was always a multi-dimensional character. Kristen Van Bauer Stratton’s Pam is one of my ALL TIME favorite TV characters! The way she spits out a line is brilliance! I stuck thru all the fairies and shape shifters and animals and werewolves, etc. I didn’t turn off ‘Billith”. I winced when they gave Lafayette some supernatural power (though I am glad they didn’t kill him off like in the books. Nelson Ellis is transcendent in the role.). And I watched Sookie go through her number of suitors. I am curious to see how it all ends.

Its the end of an era! It was always appointment TV for me. Thanks HBO for bringing Charlaine Harris’ story to life.

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