Big Brother 16: The End of Zankie, Someone Returns, and Will Arnett

22 Aug


Zach is voted out!!! In some ways I am kinda sad. He is so entertaining. But like I have stated in previously blogs, he also bugs me. It’s a double-edged sword for me. And he was undone by Frankie?! Wow! I have a feeling though that Zach gets that this is a game and they will be friends outside the house. Plus Zach has a chance to win Fan Favorite and the money that comes with that.

The Ariana Grande is Frankie’s sister is out in the Jury house. I STILL wonder do any of the houseguests really care. I KNOW she is BLOWING up NOW, but she wasn’t huge before they went in this summer. And let me state for the record, I like her voice and music. It might matter because she is perceived to have a lot of money and maybe Frankie does too. THAT could affect votes. That competition to get back in the Big Brother House was fierce. Personally I was glad Jocosta and Hayden didn’t get back in. I was hoping for Zach (can you imagine the fireworks.) but Nicole was the winner. I wonder what she’ll be able to do.

That Ice bucket for ALS challenge is EVERYWHERE!!! and it made its way to the Big Brother-verse. CBS President and Husband of Julie Chen challenged her to do it live! Then the Chen-bot challenged EVERY HOUSE GUEST WHO HAS EVER PLAYED THE GAME! And i have to say that Will Arnett (who stars on a CBS sitcom) coming out and dousing Julie Chen was fun and surprising!

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