11 Attributes I Learned Over The Last 30 Years That Employers Want In An Employee

22 Aug


THIS summer marks my 30 years of working!  I’ve been an employer AND an employee. SO I want to share with you some of what I’ve learned along the way in regards to what most employers are looking for in an employee. If you are looking for a job, these might be helpful. Of course there are more to the list but these are the ones that consistently came up for me:

  1. Able to express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech and in writing.
  2. Work confidently within a group.
  3. Gather information systematically to establish facts & principles. Problem solving.
  4. Able to act on initiative, identify opportunities & proactive in putting forward ideas & solutions.
  5. Determination to get things done. Make things happen & constantly looking for better ways of doing things.
  6. Adapt successfully to changing situations & environments.
  7. Manage time effectively, prioritizing tasks and able to make deadlines.
  8. Maintains effective performance under pressure.
  9. Adheres to standards & procedures, maintains confidentiality and questions inappropriate behavior.
  10. Pays care & attention to quality in all their work. Supports & empowers others
  11. Shows up to work everyday. Good attendance.
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