Things A Professional Organizer Should NOT Do

20 Aug


Professional Organizers are available for support. Any disorganization is not our problem, it’s the person who called/asked for help. We as the professionals are to set and uphold certain boundaries. I strongly appreciate having boundaries. I keep my personal life out of the session. Sometimes I may share a similar experience to illustrate how I understand. And while doing that, I don’t dominate the conversation or make it “all about me”. It’s a line that I am always aware of especially since organizing is a personal thing. If you hire ME or any personal organizer, then you need to look out for the things a professional organizer should not do:

Impose Personal Views– A client should never feel inferior to you. You are the expert but you are working WITH them to help them organize. By talking about how GREAT we are and what WE feel about THEIR situation is NEVER good. They probably already feel self-conscious. We are there to provide examples of what can work for them and train them on how to do certain things, but it si up to them to find their way. We are there simply to provide support and acceptance!

Go to the Dark Place with You– The reasons for lack of organization are vast and many. You (the client) may rant and rave about a situation while you have session with an organizer. Our job is to NOT get sucked in and cosign your problems. We need to acknowledge you by saying something like, ” Thanks for sharing. take a deep breath and lets tackle what you called me over to work on.” We need to set the tone that we aren’t willing to go to that dark place with you and we REALLY want to keep you on track.

Be a Know It All- WE DON’T know everything. Many of us have many areas of expertise. For example I bring Nursing, Sales, Retail, Merchandising, Life Coaching , event planning (just to name a few) experience to every session. I might be able to advise or suggest something in one of those areas. On the other side of this, I’m not a psychiatrist or doctor. If issues come up or epiphanies happen during a session, Its my responsibility to suggest to you to seek those professionals for help. Also I’m not here to “read” you or “take your inventory” and tell you what you NEED to do with your life. Again I’m imposing MY views. Not good.

Completely Solve Your Problems– This is a tricky one for me. In some ways as an organizer, I am solving some of your problems. For example, You need your closet redone and you have no clue how to do that. I’m the expert. I’m not here to TELL you what exactly you SHOULD do in that closet. I need to talk to you and work WITH you to come up with a solution. Within that, I will give you several examples of how to set up the closet. But YOU will need to decide if it will work for you.So on one hand I HELPED you solve your problem.One the other hand, I didn’t just come in and force you to do what i wanted.

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