Super Organizer Monday- It’s Monday…Again

18 Aug


It has taken me years and some career changes (well now I love my career.) to finally like Mondays. I do. I really like Mondays. It feels like a clean slate. Whatever happened over the weekend or last week can be left behind. Monday feels fresh and new. It used to feel like the end of something. The end of a great weekend perhaps. Sunday night I would start to feel anxiety of what I have to do at work or might run into with clients. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my weekends! But now I enjoy the fact that Monday is coming. It’s the promise of a new week. It’s the promise of new adventures. The possibility of its being a GREAT week of interesting events! I may gain 4 or 5 new clients or get an offer to collaborate with a colleague. I know that opportunity is in everything! I got 5 days of possibilities.

I’m not a Polyanna! I am an optimistic person by nature but I’m not naive. I don’t see the world through rose-colored glasses but I CHOOSE to think positive. And I also know that it takes WORK to change a behavior or attitude. And liking Mondays is a great start for changing OTHER things in your life.

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