Big Brother 16: Fewer Houseguests, Team America and Zankie

17 Aug


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This is the time in the game where it really gets interesting and this season is no different! Several things are happening that make the show fun to watch.

At this point of the game, we (the viewers) know who the players are. We’ve gotten to see who they are and hear some of their stories. Also at this point many of us have become invested in a player or two. THAT makes us watch and tune in each week.  Also we have seen the many transformations of these people. Some start out under the radar then become leaders. Others play too hard too early and after some rough weeks mellow out and emerge strong and steady.  “Storylines” have started. If there are any “showmances”, they are playing out (or have played out). AND there are less houseguests! It becomes trickier in the nomination process. Friends and allies can become enemies at the turn of the key. For me I think of “Zankie”, Zach and Frankie, and this week there has been talk of sending Zach out of the house. We have watch them have many ups and downs. Viewers have been split on this “couple”. I keep hoping they will stick together and try to make it to the last two. EVEN though I am enjoying Frankie and Derrick talking game and working together.

I like the Team America idea.Derrick, Frankie and Donny were picked by viewers. Having them do missions (in secret from the rest of the players) it shakes up the house dynamic. For us, it adds some fun and drama. But it looks like Derrick and Frankie are loyal to each other and Donny is the odd man out. BUT I wouldn’t count Donny OUT!

And WHO is returning to the game this Thursday????

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