Big Brother 16: What WE See Vs What They See

14 Aug


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Its time for another elimination. Another person will be voted out by their housemates and sent to the jury house. In the jury house they will decide between the last two people standing, which one to give the grand prize. How a person gets voted out of the house and the game is interesting because the players in the game have to go by what they see and hear. As a television viewer, WE know that what they see may not be what is actually happening or the truth. That is one of the reasons that makes the show interesting.

As a viewer on TV or the live feeds, we get the see everything that is said and done. We can make clearer judgements throughout the game. We get a view into what’s going on and where the players stand at any given moment. And that’s NOT to say that there aren’t surprises for us. They do happen. But for the most part we can see what the true alliances are; when the moment a person turns on their bestie back their back; when couples hook up and get together. I know there are many times I’m screaming at the TV, “HE’S PLAYING YOU! DON”T BELIEVE HIM!!!” Then I have to remember that for them, that person is doing a good acting job and what THEY SEE is a nice person who is on their side.

This is a really SOCIAL game. Yes there are competitions thrown in but its ALL about people skills and how you act. How do you come across to others. Do you seem deserving of the money or not? Should you be REALLY friendly? Or it that a bad thing?! Could being too friendly put a target on you because they think you’ll win over them? Or is being seemingly open and honest the way to go. Then you can go both good and bad things and get away with it because you are perceived as a person who is who he is and that’s a form of being truthful. I do find that’s what make the game tricky. I have no idea how I would do inside the house! HAHA!

So tonight one of the two nominees for eviction will be voted out and go the jury house.Some of us will be happy, some of us will be mad, and others won’t mind. I always wonder how the nominations and votes would be different if the house guests got to see video or hear audio of some of the things that they aren’t privy to? What if one of the prizes for the week would be to see a glimpse of the confessionals?!  I mean obviously decisions would be made differently but how different would they be? AND how would it be for us as viewers?

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