Big Brother 16: The Most Intense Battle Of The Block

10 Aug


“Expect the Unexpected” is Big Brothers motto. And I have to say that tonight’s Battle of the Block was Really intense for me! How was it for you?! I liked this season’s twist of crowning TWO HOH’s (Heads of Household) and they each nominate 2 people for eviction. Those two sets of houseguests have to WORK TOGETHER to get off the block. That can be fun to watch especially if the two don’t care for each other. The winning “team” gets off the block and the HOH who nominated them is dethroned. I think it’s a fresh turn in the game. It adds drama and another dimension to the game that has had 15 previous cycles.

Tonight’s Battle of the Block had so much going on that was spoken and unspoken. The players (no spoilers here. I’ll comment more later in the week) were all interesting players in the game. Each has their detractors and supporters. Why didn’t one of them ‘throw” the game”? Did one of the players get too cocky? Was it a competition better suited for one player rather than two?  Donny’s name was spelled wrong by production (?) Cody and Victoria seemed chummy. And did one of the winners just “out” themselves? I was glued to the TV set the whole time!

I’m sure EVERYONE has an opinion. HAHA! But for me it was intense and that’s what I enjoy in a competition!

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