Big Brother 16- Its Double Eviction Week!

06 Aug


It’s the first double eviction week of the season!!!!! I always get nervous when its a double eviction week, As a viewer, I could lose TWO players that I like! That doesn;t make me happy. AS a player, that means you have two times to try to get two players out of the game. Either way, I get on edge! I do know its good for ratings to up the drama. How does it make you feel?

On the Amazing Race they have this thing called NON Elimination legs. If you don;t watch, the deal is that the last team to check in to the checkpoint of each leg of the race gets eliminated.Well every once in a while they throw in a leg where no team gets eliminated. I HATE THAT. Cause usually its a team I hate that gets saved another week! Yuck. Double Eviction weeks affect me similarly. When there is a double eviction week, it means a part of the game is sped up. ANYTHING can happen and its happens FAST!

I’m REALLY curious to see how this week goes. Its hard to make bets because that second set of HOH/Nominations/BOB/POV is really anybodys guess. Its a full week played in one hour!  It could be a game changing time!

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