Sharknado 2: Crazytalk…in a Fun Way!

04 Aug


Sharknado 2 set ratings records for Syfy Channel when it aired! I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.But there are many of us who enjoy an openly, unapologetic low-grade movie with an absurd premise (Tornados full of sharks). Why not?! Ha. The opening scene alone made me laugh OUT LOUD! Survivors from the first one (Tara Reid and Ian Ziering)  are on a plane to New York City. Ian’s character thinks he sees sharks on the wing (a nod to Twlight Zone) and Robert Hays is one of the pilots (nod to Airplane). Kelly Osbourne is the flight attendent. After some clever dialogue, they it turbulence and are in the middle of a Sharknado! Kaos and death ensue and Ian has to land the plane despite he’s not a pilot. Haha.  And THAT’S just the beginning!

The special effects are cheesy. The action is constant and fast paced. Even the Statue of Liberty plays a role in the film that I’ve never seen before!There are a gazillion guest stars! For example,  Wil Wheaton, Andy Dick, Matt Lauer, Downtown Julie Brown, Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan, Billy Ray Cyrus, Judd Hirsch (as a Taxi Driver), Vivica A Fox, Perez Hilton, Shark Tank and Fubu Creator Daymond John, Salt (of Salt and Pepa fame),Biz Markie just name a few. And Ian Ziering’s William Shatner-esque delivery made me chuckle the whole time.

Sharknado 2 was great fun!!!

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