Big Brother 16- Zach: Great Player or Just Annoying

03 Aug


Zach Rance has surely made a place for himself in Big Brother 16! He is one of those players that stands out (which is good for Reality TV). I watch him and just like many others, I like him and I don’t like him; I’m laughing at some of his antics and smiling with he’s sensitive.And he’s one half of a unique showmance that I love (Zankie/Zrankie). I’m trying to decide if he is a great player or just annoying. He keeps me guessing.

Zach is a 23-year-old recent graduate from  Palm Beach, Florida. They list him on the show as Unemployed (interesting choice). He talks like a frat boy. He’s a good-looking guy with personality and charm.There were several routes he could go in the game. He could have been the loverboy charmer and pick a girl to have a showmance with; the all out evil villan ala Dr Will; the goofball might even come up with a few more personas. He chose to have a “relationship” with the gay guy (?!) and at times it looks REALLY sincere. He  seems to care about Frankie. But is it an act? Would he turn against Frankie (the gay guy) to further his game? There have been times on the show that it LOOKS like he OR Frankie are throwing each other under the bus, but is that game play? He runs his mouth sometimes to where he openly annoys people. Which can either be the kiss of death or less of a threat.

He’s been HOH (Head of Household). He’s involved in several good alliances.He’s playing the game…I guess. He is one of the 4 house guests nominated for eviction this week. I’m fine with each person who is nominated (I wont post spoilers) and I know there is the Battle of the Block and than The Power Of Veto Ceremonies (so anything can happen) but I am kinda hoping Zach makes it through. My reasoning is I’d like to see more of what he may do as the game progresses. It could get interesting especially with Frankie. Also I’d wont be hurt if he goes home either. Is he more of a threat then any of the other men in the house? Maybe he is. That’s the thing with Zach for me! IS he a great player or just annoying….




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