What Is Professionalism?

02 Aug


I am shocked and surprised on a REGULAR basis how much unprofessional people are out there! Customer service has gone down! But I have also noticed that good service and how to be professional is not being properly taught. Here are some of my definitions of being professional:

  1. Gets to places on time.
  2. Has a pen or pencil.
  3. Is friendly at the check-in desk.
  4. Knows what’s important.
  5. Makes Times. Doesn’t say “I’m crazybusy!”
  6. Can and does make necessary choices.
  7. Does what’s necessary, even when they don’t feel like doing it
  8. Doesn’t mind being cross trained on other job tasks
  9. Will get up at 5:15 am to make an appointment.
  10. He/she prefers I/we and owning an issue rather than he/she/they and blaming others.
  11. Keeps his/her feet on the ground.
  12. Thanks people; whether or not the person was just ‘doing their job’;
  13. Looks people in the eye and speaks clearly.
  14. Doesn’t check their phone in the middle of your conversation.
  15. Follows-through. Follows-up.
  16. Follows the best in their field; is determined to be within the top 10%;
  17. Respects difference but allows no excuses;
  18. Leads through skill, competence and attitude not (solely) job title.
  19. Knows any system can be improved.;
  20. Listens to understand not just to be polite.
  21. Knows the ‘off’ switch as well as the ‘vibrate’ switch on their phones.
  22. Has decided their priorities, and their daily activities are aligned with those priorities.
  23. Doesn’t follow the pack just because.
  24. Thinks through the consequences of an action.
  25. Helps others in their career just as (or not) others helped him/her on their career.
  26. Understands every day is perfect for the challenges they need.
  27. Understands that his job title means nothing unless it is turned into action,
  28. Learnt a long time ago that he/she is only as good as their last gig;
  29. Spends little time with negative people.
  30. Learns from those who are older, especially the powers of reflection and wisdom;
  31. Learns from those who are younger especially the powers of silliness, spontaneity and optimism.
  32. Doesn’t say “I don’t have time”.
  33. Knows that leadership is a mindset.
  34. That listening is tough but powerful.
  35. Its very easy to attack/destroy.
  36. Much harder to build, augment, be a help and think abundan.t
  37. Can apologize when they are wrong.
  38. Says how can I help you?
  39. Doesn’t say “Not my area” and turn away.
  40. Laughs a lot!
  41. Copies to learn, innovates to raise standards.
  42. Sets an accurate expectation.
  43. Believes in him/her-self.
  44. Knows it takes years to achieve over-night success.
  45. Is inspired by all kinds of sources.
  46. That business is a cycle: when it’s good, don’t forget that it can be bad. Build resources to be recession-proof.
  47. That some people love being a martyr and now is not the time to help them.
  48. That 99% of business can be conducted with pencil+paper+brain.
  49. Breaking patterns such as taking a real day off or driving a different route or learning to skate keeps you thinking.
  50. Life’s a journey not a destination.
  51. Gives praise and appreciation to others.
  52. Knows the power of people.
  53. Has no problem ask for help. No pride!
  54. Has no problem being lead by another great professional.


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