Big Brother 16: Alliances, Zankie, Beast Mode and Death

31 Jul


This season of Big Brother has given us four things: alliances, zankie, beast mode and death. I’m gonna breakdown each one using my opinion.

Alliances. Alliances happen every season of course. But this season its out of control! There are soooo many that I can’t keep up. Just about everybody has an alliance with everybody. I think Christine is in at least 3 or 4. And the naming of the alliance is just as important. In the past we’ve had Chill Town, The Quack Pack and The Brigade ( to name a few).

Zankie. Or as some folks say Zrankie. This coupling has separated fans into many camps. This gay/straight male duo is really playing it up for TV. OR is it real? Are Frankie and Zach gonna turn on each other eventually? Will Zankie kiss? This week they became co heads of household. They were showering together and giving each other back rubs and saying I love you. One things for sure, they have made it into Big Brother history. THEY will be remembered. Isnt that the point on reality TV?

Beast Mode. Metrosexual, muscular, tattooed, hoodie loving cowboy Caleb says he’s a “beast mode cowboy”. He says it with such conviction like he wants it to become a national saying! Um, no. He says it so much that there needs to be a drinking game! I’d be drunk in 10 minutes!

Death. BOTH Derrick and Frankies grandfathers passed and they were notified in the house. That brings up the issue of the happenings of the outside world in relation to the game. The premise of the game is to be isolated from the goings on outside the house. I only remember once or twice a player has been told something. Some think they shouldnt have been told. I think I remember one contestants house burned down and they didn’t tell her. I don’t know how I feel about it. I guess under extreme circumstances like when 9/11 happened, the house should be informed. Or if something serious is going on with their children.

Those are the four things that stick out to me this season. If anymore pop up, i’ll point them out!

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