8 Things To Remember While Packing For Travel

31 Jul


 Sometimes the HARDEST part of traveling is packing for the trip! Here are 8 things to think about while you are about to pack that bag:
 1. Know The Weather. Know what weather to expect and what your activities might be, then pack the right clothes for the climate and your events. Ignore the urge to add in “but what if…” items.
2. Pack less. Pack only enough underwear  for each day you are travelling with maybe one extra.  Expect to wear each outer clothing item more than once. Choose versatile pieces that can be worn in different combinations.Like for men,  2 pairs of jeans (easy to match with most tops) and a pair of black or tan dress pants (which are also very versatile).
3. Pack easy-care clothes that you love. To ensure that you will look and feel great on your trip, choose clothes from your closet that still appear fresh at the end of a long day. Wrinkle free items are best.
4. Pack Fewer shoes. Three pairs of shoes are the maximum for most trips: one to wear while travelling and two to pack. Make sure you have at least ONE pair of comfortable shoes (esp. for the travel portions).
5. Choose the right bag for the trip. Structured bags with wheels protect the contents and offer independence in airports, while unstructured bags without wheels are generally easier to squish into small places, as in the trunk of a car.
Know the current airline luggage rules. To avoid additional fees and confusion at the airport, understand how many pieces of luggage may. be checked, plus the maximum dimensions and allowable weight for each bag. Most airlines charge money after 50 lbs. It can range from $25 to $100.  Check your airline website for the latest information.
7. Pack smart. Use smart packing tricks to fit items into your luggage in the most space-efficient way, and to provide easy visibility during security checks. For example, group small items in see-through containers or in self-sealing Ziploc plastic bags.Roll clothes instead of folding them. That can make more room.
8.Travel light. Wheels are helpful on smooth terrain, but you must still be able to carry your bag on rough streets and up and down stairs. Two smaller bags are easier to manage than one larger bag, although changing airline checked baggage rules might make this cost more. Lighten up cosmetics and toiletries; these often make up half of the bag weight. Travel and sample-sized items are a good trick, as is transferring the amount needed into a small container. Dual duty products such as moisturizer plus sunscreen eliminate one entire bottle.
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