Big Brother 16- Caleb and Amber:Painful To Watch

30 Jul


Many times on Big Brother, people have attractions to each other and end up spending “time” together. Sometimes it is easily seen as a showmance. Both parties involves fully acknowledge and participate in the “romance” on the show. Sometimes its to further their game or to pass the time. When you watch you are “rooting” for them or find them fun together Then after the show ends, they go their separate ways.. In other cases there are crushes that go unrequited. The person with the crush accepts that nothing is going to happen. And life goes on. In a few cases, people meet and fall in love on the show like Former Winner Rachel and her man Brandon, who are blissfully together still and competed on another reality competition show, Amazing Race. And a first on Big Brother, we have a gay/straight showmance with Frankie and Zach (Zankie or Zrankie) that is a hit with many fans (including myself).

Then there is the Amber and Caleb situation. From a purely superficial level, they are two attractive people. Both of them are in great shape and young. Caleb is the metro sexual cowboy with a heart of gold. You’d think that they would be attracted to each other. Well WRONG! Amber says that she is not interested and from the stuff I’ve seen on TV, she doesn’t give the impression that she is into him. Caleb just comes across sad and a little creepy how much he gushes over her and tries to get her to like him. That “first date” was so painful to watch. Amber has way more chemistry with Cody.

I don’t like or dislike Amber. Caleb is someone I wanted to like but he is annoying most of the time. Amber has proven to me that she is a strong competitor and they need to vote her out as soon as they can. i think she is a threat in the competitions much like my fav girl from past season Janelle. AND that would break down Caleb in the game. Then they need to get him out! If Amber goes, that may add more strength to HIM and that can’t be good. This week will be interesting.


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