Super Tip Tuesday- Take A Lukewarm Bath

29 Jul


For many of us, the weather is hot, hot, hot! I am a person who sweats easily anyway, so this hot weather is uncomfortable. I have found one way to cool off… take a lukewarm bath! AS you may know I enjoy taking bubble baths to relax ( check out my blog on Take A Bubble Bath), well I also use the bath to cool off.

What I do is fill the bathtub halfway with cold water. I follow with filling the tub 1/4 the way with hot water. Make sure you stop at a point so that the water doesn’t overflow when you get in. Then I let that sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. The water is settles to a lukewarm to cool temperature. Sometimes I still add bubble bath or bath salts.

When you are hot and sweaty the instinct is to take a shower. Hot showers are obviously out of the question. Cold showers are not workable. And a lukewarm shower is hard to come by. Trying to get the right amount of hot and cold water to make cool takes work. I want it easy!

The bath is ready, so slide on in. It feels soooooooooo good. Your temp is lowered and you’ll feel better! Try it!

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