My Top 5 Most Popular Tips

28 Jul


 For those of you who don’t know, I have a second blog, a spin off blog, that I just post tip and suggestions. The blogs are short and sweet. The blog is called The Super Organizer Universe: Just The Tips. I started it in February and has a nice size fanbase. I invite you all add that blog to your viewing and maybe you will find something useful.

Below I am featuring my Top 5 most popular blog posts of all time (as of July 29th):

If You’re Sleepy, Then Go To Bed!

If you are tired, then don’t organize. If you are organizing and you’re getting tired, then stop organizing.
It’s always good to organize when you are wide awake and motivated! So if you are worn out from outside activities, then don’t try to clean out a space. If you have been organizing a room for the last six hours and you are genuinely exhausted, then end the session. If you continue, you can seriously hurt yourself (or others) and you won’t do a good job. You may miss something important. Stop while you are wanting to continue.

Lint Lint Lint

Remove dryer lint each time to help your machine’s efficiency! It helps the clothes dry faster and prevents a potential fire!

Beach Time! Pack Now.

Unless you are in Florida or Hawaii, now is the time of the year when its beach season!! Sometimes you know when you are going to the beach, other times it may be a spontaneous thing. One suggestion I have is to pre-pack a tote bag!
Fill a tote bag with towels, swimsuits/trunks, sunscreen, hats, bottled water, non-perishable snacks, whatever you think you would take to the beach. Store it in the trunk of your car, or neatly corner of your closet. Have fun and be safe!

Just A Packing Tip: Another Use For Ziploc Bags

I travel a lot so that means I pack luggage a lot. One thing I hated was when I got to my destination and opened my luggage all of my stuff was a jumbled mess. A fellow organizer suggested to me that I put my stuff in Ziploc bags!

Yes Ziploc bags! I use big ones and small ones.  Rather than having my suitcase explode all over the hotel room every time I open it, I like to keep everything separated in zip-lock bags or packing cubes. One bag will hold socks, one bag will hold a few t-shirts, etc. The clear bags make it easy for me to find things, will help keep everything wrinkle free, can save space (if you compress all the air out), and makes it easy for the TSA to root through my belongings if they have to do a search. It can also be handy to pack an entire outfit, from top to underwear, in each bag, so you just have to grab one bag in the morning and you can be dressed without having to think about it.  Same goes for small items like chargers and medicines. And then everything stays in its place and its easier to pack everything. (Make sure you get the air out of each bag.) And when I unpack from a trip, I keep them in my suitcase for the next trip.

Higher Ground

Take a look at your medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Are your pills, aspirins, and other heavy medicines easy for children or others to reach and hurt themselves? Its better to have them on the higher shelves. Or sometimes its good to store them in the kitchen, on the highest shelves.  And of course the 3rd option is storing them in locked cabinets. You can get actual locks or any baby proofing materials for cabinets!

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