Big Brother 16: The Season of Not So Smart Moves!

24 Jul


OMG!!! Is this the most sensitive set of players ever on Big Brother. Frankie, Zach and Derrick are the only ones who are playing THE GAME! I sat there in Wednesday night and watched the POV (power of veto) meeting and was screaming at my TV! Sensitive Cowboy Caleb is eyeing Cody because he is taking to his “woman” Amber. And now Cody is getting sensitive about it. The POV competition happens and one of Cody’s nominees Victoria gets a hold of the Golden POV. Which means she can take herself off the block. Caleb winds the power of veto and instead of taking the Golden POV for himself and keeping the noms the same,thus not putting a bigger target on himself, he doesn’t and takes one of the other prizes, $5,000. WHAT?! SO now everyone is shocked and angry. Cody gets more sensitive and announces to a bunch of the players that Cody is going up! Then he decides to TELL Donny (another sensitive one but with a beard) that he is NOT going up! Donny feels safe. The others in his alliance (The Detonators) tell him to really focus on Brittany not Caleb. Cody declares that he has to play the best game for him.

The moment of truth. The POV meeting. Victoria takes herself off the block, of course. Then Cody nominates….DONNY!!!! WHAT?!

I am not going to reveal who went home. I will say that I feel the wrong person went home! The mistake is to go after the strong physical guys so early. Its the one with the great social game you need to get out early. You don’t want to get to the final two and have the other person who is loved by most of the jury sitting next to you. They will win every time.

And the new HOH ( Head of Household ) is someone who actually plays the game and understands the “rules”. Let’s hope this person makes some smart moves this week!!


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