I’ll Just Take A Peek In Their Medicine Cabinet While I’m In The Bathroom

21 Jul


Summertime can mean its house party time! And that means people all up and through your house.. In a previous post Um There’s No What??, I talk about the importance of having the guest bathrooms fully stocked. Now here are some other things you should do before a party:

  1. Clean The House and straighten up the Yard- Self explanatory.
  2. Hide the Vicodin-  Some People WILL look through your stuff, so hide anything you don’t want to be found!
  3. Set The Mood- If its intimate, then soft lighting and maybe candles. If it’s a party, bright lights!
  4. Smell Good- If it’s in indoor event, make sure the house smells nice.That can be achieved through candles, incense, and plug-ins, Nothing too overpowering though.
  5. If serving alcohol, have the bar fully stocked and easily accessible to everyone. If you don’t have a bartender, you want the guests to be able to serve themselves and others with no problem.
  6. And if you have rooms or areas that are off limits, clearly mark them so. If its a room, then police caution tape can be fun. Or a note on the door can work. And if you can lock the door, even better. If outdoors, then you can tape or rope off.

Then when the party time comes…….Have fun!

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