Repackage and Refreshen That Resume

20 Jul


The resume is sometimes your first impression to a prospective employer. It also serves as a representation of YOU. Its your past and present. And it will affect your future. I give some tips in a blog post last June, Super Tip Tuesday-A Good Resume. Here are a few more tips that can work in your favor:

  1. Put in key words used in the job description! This is useful especially if you are submitting a resume online.
  2. Stop listing outdated skills like WordPerfect, MS-DOS or any WEB or software experience that isn’t relevent anymore. It’s great that you know Windows 95, but now we’re using Windows 8! Always try to use today’s terminology. Also mastering Facebook is not a skill.
  3. Include skills that are related to the job or field you are applying too. You want them to know that you are right for that position.
  4. Don’t say “30 years of experience…” in any part of the resume.
  5. If you are over 30, then you can either leave out High School or delete the graduation date under the education section.

So whether you are writing a new resume or updating an existing one, use these five tips while working on it! I want everyone’s resumes to stand out and employment to happen!

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