Headphones as Headbands?!

18 Jul


Actress Diana Agron wearing Urban Outfitters headphones.


So I am reading a couple of fashion magazines that my mom has at her house and in both of them have articles on a new trends among “cool” girls that I found interesting. Apparently BIG headphones are IN and the girls are wearing them as headbands! Yes, DR DRE Beats headphones are being used to push back waves of tussled hair or create a tucked-in bob. Funny, I wear headphones to…listen to music.


I’ve been wearing headphones since my first Sony Walkman back in the mid 80s. Back then they were basic and not that big.By the time i got my discman in the mid 90s, headphones came in several styles and one of my pairs had a button to add bass.I was so excited…to blow out my eardrums. When I got my first iPod Mini back in 2006, I couldn’t used those tiny ear buds so I bought my first pair of giant headphones. I looked like an aging breakdancer. But I’ve seen in the last few years the headphone market explode! There are sooooo many different kinds of headphones to choose from. From designer to mass market, I’ve seen every color and size and shape (I like the new square ones.). THere are foldable ones and ones that flip. Yes I see a lot more people with headphones these days and everything becomes an accessory at some point. I shouldn’t be too surprised.

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