Big Brother 16- Finally The Right Person Went Home!

18 Jul


The stage was set! Two people were up for eviction but they weren’t really the target to get out. One of the nominees gets taken off the block. The replacement nominee is the person they really want to evict out of the house. (They call this back dooring.) Meanwhile the other person on the block is a huge threat too. It seems the house guests may change their minds. I’ve watched 15 previous seasons of this show and have seen ALL kinds of things happen! Usually I am screaming at the TV over their choices, But this time I was happy because THE RIGHT PERSON WENT HOME…..DEVIN!!

You have this tall, muscular, tatted, handsome brown man who is a single dad (It’s already a “thing” that he has mentioned his daughter a grillion times!) and is super sensitive (Actually I think this is the most sensitive cast of men ever!). You would think that would make him a star in the house and get him far in the game. But said man, Devin, played too hard too fast and too early! He had the worst social game of any house guest in ALL the seasons of Big Brother! He really botched it up! he didn’t use his charm. He dismissed some of the ladies. He let his emotions go all over the place and get the best of him. He made moves that were just plain dumb. I’m always wondering do people watch the show before they come on??!!

The episode made me happy and was glad to see an actual strategic move made in the house…that worked!

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