12 Tips When Getting A Storage Unit

11 Jul


I have a storage unit. My goal is to not have one. I need a storage unit because I need a space outside the house as I fix up my home. People need storage units for many reasons and if you find yourself in need of one, here are some tips that I hope you find useful:

  1. Selecting A Storage Space- Ask the storage consultant wherever you are looking for a space to help you choose a space that will accurately serve your needs.An efficiently packed smaller space will cost less than a half packed larger space. Know what you’re going to put in there so that you can choose a space affordably.
  2. Space Rental Agreement- REALLY read the rental agreement for your storage space!! Read ALL the fine print. Especially look at the deposit and how it is refunded or forfeited upon termination. Make sure you understand the payment dates too.
  3. Insurance- At some storage places, they have an insurance policy to offer you. Others don’t. GO get a low-cost insurance policy!! Insure your goods!!!
  4. Inspect the Space– make sure the space is clean.. If there is a light inside, make sure it works Make sure the door/ and our gate works properly.
  5. Packing Materials– paper, bubble-pack, tape, rope, drop clothes, furniture covers, boxes, cartons are some of the items you may need. Also if your space is on the second floor or higher, make sure you check and see if the space has an elevator. Or is it stairs only? You might need a handcart or dolly.You can go to places like the 99Cent Stores, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Target for most of those materials and they will be inexpensive. Many times the actual storage space sells those items too.
  6. Fill It Up– Partially full or bulging boxes or cartons make it hard to stack and may tip or collapse.
  7. Label– Label or write on your boxes what is in them.
  8. Appliances– Fridges and freezers should be completely dry on the inside and the door slightly ajar.
  9. Glasses and Dishware– All should be individually wrapped and the boxes should be filled with bubble wrap or extra newspaper. Do not place heavy items on those boxes.
  10. Electrical Equipment All equipment should be clean and dry.
  11. Prohibited Items- Make sure you find out what you CANT store in your space!
  12. Pack Carefully- make sure you can get into your storage space. If it is big or long, leave a walkway that goes to the rear of your space.
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