My Fourth Of July Everyday!

04 Jul


Another 4th of July is upon us and many folks have the day off and are celebrating with BBQ’s and Booze (two things I like).For me, it’s a day of rest and reflection. I look at my life and current situation and am thankful for my independence. First of all, I get to live in a country where I can pursue whatever dream that I have in my head! If I find my passion,then I can turn it into a business. I can set up that business however I see fit and run it however I want (within legal limits of course). I can advertise and promote it freely. I get to work with all kinds of interesting people. I get to do want I want! THAT’S independence to me!

When I made the decision to leave a job that no longer served me positively, it felt like independence. I wasn’t bound by that job and I was free to make decisions to change my life for the better. I didn’t take that lightly. When I returned to Los Angeles (after 22 years), I saw that the whole world was open to me. That was independence. I “found” Professional Organizing and Life Coaching. I’m pursuing higher education. I’m taking care of my health. I found my passions. All of these things make me feel like Fourth of July Everyday!

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