Wipe Off Your Cell Phones and Tablets

27 Jun



I think its safe to say that in my life the things that I touch the most are my 2 cell phones, tablet, iPad, and laptops. I’m never far from any one or two of them. It wasn’t until a friend of mine brought up the fact that there must be a million germs on our phones and we put those to our ears and mouth ALL the time! It really got me thinking. I started to notice when I picked up my phone. Sometimes I touch my phone and then touch the bars on train. Who knows how many people have touched that bar or what kind of people have touched that bar. and they NEVER wipe the bars off (that I know of). I’ve been guilty of answering my phone while in the bathroom (while using the bathroom). I’ve read somewhere that remnants of fecal matter get on ALL kinds of stuff!  Think about where you sit your phone down while eating. Was the table clean? When you pick up the phone are there food particles on the back of it? Substitute your phone with your tablet and think about it! Add if you have kids and they play games on the tablet, how are their hands??

It all sounds nasty doesn’t it? Especially when you think about it coming to your face. Or touching your face with your fingers! So I try to wash my hands frequently. If I can’t wash my hands, I have my hand sanitizer handy (there are ones with no alcohol or very little alcohol in them, if you don’t want that) And now I use some of that sanitizer on my phone cases and back of phone frequently. Ive also found wipes lke the one pictured above. There are also sprays out there that don’t harm your electronics and disinfect nicely. I suggest to all of you: WIPE OFF YOUR CELL PHONES AND TABLETS!

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