3 Problems That Can Work Against A Group

20 Jun


There are many factors in what causes a group not to be able to work together. Over the years I have worked with many groups on a variety of projects. The following are 3 problems that I’ve noticed come up over and over again while working in a group that work AGAINST the group:

  1. Development of we-they and superior-inferior complexes within the group. The group may splinter and “take sides”. If sustained, then the group will fall apart. The group should be looked at as one unit.

  2. Internal competitive pressure. People tend to overestimate their contributions and unrealistically downgrade the work of others in the group.

  3. Misunderstandings. Members of the group think they understand one another when in fact they don’t. These distortions in perception cause areas of agreement to go unrecognized. Problems can arise in the tasks and project. Resentment is borne in some cases. It is important to make sure everyone is on “the same page”.

 If everybody in the group works together, then the group will succeed. Personally I want everyone in the group to shine. It doesn’t matter if  i’m the project manager or leader or a regular member of the group. When they look good, I look good.  We all look good. AND  more importantly, the task gets done.

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