Super Tip Tuesday: A Good Resume

10 Jun



1. Your audience. Think about the position(s) you are aiming for and what kind of job would you like? If you already have a job to apply for and a copy of the job description, you can use that as a guide If not, then Google positions that are similar. It is important to know who your audience when presenting your resume.

2. You. Now that the position and requirements are clear, how does your experience match up? An effective résumé clearly establishes that you are qualified in each of the primary aspects of the particular job. Your goal is to make it easy for the person hiring to look at your résumé and quickly determine that you are a “right fit” for the position. A “one size fits all” résumé never works as well as one that is customized to a specific role, because it requires the reader to think about how other experiences relate to desired qualifications. Hiring authorities may not take the time to try to “figure” you out! .

3. Expand Beyond the Tasks. Most recruiters know the general duties related to careers within their specific fields. What really stands out is the impact and results you had within your career. For example, a retail sales associate may have been one of the top sellers in the Men’s Shoe Department and rose to the ranks of sitting in meetings with shoe buyers and helped determine what shoes were brought in to the company.List that! ” Raised shoe department sales 60% percent from the time I started. assisted with Shoe Buyers with picking out product”.Almost every role has a measurement of success – customer satisfaction, time to complete a task, volume of activity completed, error rate or even internal performance measurement rankings. If applicable, list those accomplishments or the impact you made in the role.

4. Appearance.  A résumé is a visual document. This means that using a layout that is organized, symmetrical, allows resting places for the eyes with good use of white space and is not overly text heavy or overly styled works best Find a nice clear font. Keep it neat and clean. Many say keep it to ONE page. The bottom line is a resume that looks like a book often scares off the reader because it looks like too much work.

5. A Second Look.  Always print and review. Make changes, print and review again. Writing a résumé is not fun. It is tedious and requires thinking about a tremendous amount of detail. But you want a job and you want to have the best chance of getting that job.  Hiring managers look at the résumé as your one chance to make a great first impression. If you take the easy way out with your résumé when you are trying to make the best impression, what will that mean when you are an employee? Get a second pair of eyes if necessary. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Then make changes and print out again. It is not uncommon that you may print out many copies before it is ready to send out.



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