Forgiving The Clutter…and Yourself

02 Jun



Some years back, I heard a guest on the Oprah Show say a phrase that changed my life! It is a sentence that I live everyday in every situation that it calls for and the phrase was:

Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different.

I invite you to re read that sentence. Read it several times if you like. Stop at that sentence and think about it. I found this statement to be true in MY life. I couldn’t truly move on from people or circumstances because I kept wishing they didn’t happen the way that they did. And what came from that was the forgiveness i was denying myself! Once I honestly looked at myself, I began to understand things and I was able to forgive me. It didn’t matter about the other person or persons I thought did me wrong or the situations I was currently in. I had to start with ME and forgive myself about feeling bad about the past and the present.

Forgiveness is really forgiving yourself first and always.

This can be related to organizing. For some people the clutter and disorganization in their homes and/or lives makes them feel bad or depressed. That depression and/or negative feeling can stop someone from doing something about it. This can lead to inertia. “Why bother” or ” its too much already.’ are thought and said. “How could I let this get so bad?” or ” I’m a bad person for being so unorganized!” All of these thoughts are really by products of not forgiving yourself.

In my opinion, for change to happen you have to forgive yourself of your past. Yes you made the clutter but why beat yourself up over it?! you can’t CHANGE the past and the clutter isn’t going to magically disappear. Yes you made the clutter but NOW you forgive yourself for it and want to make a CHANGE!

Forgiveness can lead to positive change.

How you got to your present state is important only for learning purposes. You want to LEARN from your past so that you don’t repeat it. Organizing you stuff, your time and your mind are very personal things. Just like forgiveness. You deserve the best and I want you to be able to get there and have the best life possible.



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