Two Principles I Live By While Organizing

29 May


The following are TWO of many principles I live by while organizing:

I Can Do It /It Can Be Done

No matter how the job looks or the situation is in front of me, I tell myself that I can do it or it can be done! I did a blog post on how we can talk ourselves out of anything.  First I became aware of that fact and decided to stay aware when those feelings arise. I try to go into every organizing and cleaning project that I can do it! It can be accomplished.Also if I don’t believe that I can do it, then no one else will believe that I can do it and why should I bother. My clients wont feel comfortable and confident in the job.

Stay Open DURING The Process

I view organizing much like putting a puzzle together. There is no ONE way to put a puzzle together. Some start with the middle pieces then go out. Others try to put the outer pieces together first and make a frame. I believe that there isn’t ONE way to organize. What I also found that as you are in the middle of the process, sometimes you find out things that you didn’t know and have to change or alter some of the plans. Sometimes a NEW, more efficient plan comes to mind while you are in the middle of a project. This has taught me to stay open during the process! It’s good to stay present and flexible. Being rigid and closed never HELPS anything or any situation, and this can go for an organizing project. The bottom line for me in ANY situation is that I want the BEST to come to the surface. It’s okay to change a plan when you think a better one emerges. Its less headache if you are able to handle a new situation with a calmness and openness. It’s okay to NOT know all the answers in the beginning. Half the fun IS the journey!!

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