I Didn’t Pack Q-Tips?!

21 May



I travel on a semi regular basis and i have instituted a habit that I think that can work for the frequent AND occasional traveler. I keep my toiletry bag filled always. Its one less thing that i have to worry about during the packing process. What I do is pack any duplicate toiletries (and for the ladies cosmetics too) that you may have in your bathroom in the toiletry bag.

Sometimes I run across a sale on toothpaste and i’ll buy a couple at one time. Then I’ll put one in the bag and one in the bathroom at home. I’ll go shopping and buy a face cream at Ulta and they will throw in samples of other products. I’ll throw that in the bag. Any samples I get from any store I include in the bag. After I go through my bathroom drawers and cabinets and fill my bag up, then I see if I am missing anything and make a list of what I need. Easy shopping.

When the bag is filled, I store it in one of my suitcases that I use a lot. Then both get stored in the back of my closet. Done and done! This reduces clutter in your bathroom (and home). The duplicates and samples are put to good use. Packing time is reduced. The important thing to remember is to replenish the bag each time you return from a trip.

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