Don’t Add Clutter TO Mothers Day

08 May



We spend millions of dollars on “stuff” to give as gifts for our Mothers, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Spouses,, etc. for Mother’s Day. Since I’m all about organization and keeping clutter to a minimum, I have a few suggestions for Mothers Day gifts that won’t add too much but can pack an emotional punch for that special lady.

Framing– Look around your house or hers, is there something special you could frame and give to her as a gift? A picture of all the kids? A shirt and bib from a marathon she conquered? Artwork? A menu from your favorite restaurant? The idea is to find something that is special to her that is ALREADY in existence and frame it and present it to her in a new and thoughtful way. AND it save bringing MORE stuff in the house.

Food and Drink: Getting her that chocolate she like is nice, but what about making her a special meal? And if you can;t cook, ordering her a meal from her favorite restaurant and having it delivered! There are delivery services out there like EAT 24, that deliver from your favorite restaurants in your area. Top it off with that bottle of wine she likes and/or cupcakes!

Coupons: An old time fav! Either you OR the kids can make homemade coupons for goods and services and put them in her card or special envelope. This is especially good for the kids. I’m sure MOM would love to have a day off from doing dishes or sorting the laundry. It also teaches kids responsibility and giving back to others, And for the adults, your coupons could be for a 1 hour message, pick up dry cleaning, or something more adult, ahem…

There are other examples out there but these are just a few ideas i wanted to share. We have many holidays throughout the year where buying a gift is encourged and we just gain more and more stuff. I feel its okay for a few of the holidays to forgo that and choose a different way to give.Also it brings back the personal side to the day.  Look around the house and see whats there.


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