TV Trays Are Not Your Friends

28 Apr


When I first moved back to LA five years ago, I didn’t have a desk. I had a table to put my laptop on and I had enough room to write on. I needed a place to put other papers on and files and such. I had some TV trays and decided to use them. My thought in the beginning is that they would be a temporary solution. A YEAR later, my trays were overflowing with “stuff”! This is something I also see in my practice.

TV Trays, small tables, dining room tables, and counters are open to clutter and collection of stuff! They seem like good ideas for space to place things but they are dangerous areas.I found it easy to just put papers and whatnot on these trays and take my time in finding proper homes for them. Also there is the illusion that since they are small spaces that the clutter can’t really happen. Obviously that’s not true. You can clutter ANY space.

Another feature of TV Trays are that they are movable.I found myself moving the full trays out-of-the-way and forgetting about them. No bueno (not good). Out of sight, out of mind. I think I even bought more TV trays and brought them in . Why didn’t I just buy a desk and drawers for files? (I finally did.) The lessons I learned were: Clutter happens easier on smaller spaces; Buy what you need to store stuff as soon as you can;  and you should only use TV trays to eat on and put them away after you’re done.


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2 responses to “TV Trays Are Not Your Friends

  1. torbearsinthekitchen

    March 10, 2016 at 10:24 AM

    Help! We have TV trays, and use them rarely, but use them none the less. I am at a loss of how to store them when not in use. We, as you wrote, find that if a corner is open, MOVE the trays and their holder in it… I would love to know your storage solution. Their wood stain doesn’t even match 😦

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