Keeping The Momentum Going

26 Apr



You’ve made the choice to begin something. You feel that you have the commitment to yourself. You are ready! Many times it’s easy to start a project and be completely excited! But I do know there are some days when you are having a hard time caring. The question is: how do I keep the momentum going?

There is no easy answer. There is ONE answer. It’s up to YOU to keep the momentum going. I always say that it begins and ends with YOU. So if that is true, then there are several ways to support that thought and stay motivated. You can do a buddy system. Some people like having a friend or family member with them every step of the way. Just remember you have to pick the person who will be a right fit for you.  Others turn to support groups or church for empowerment to go on.

Personally I like being around like minded people. People who are making change happen in their lives. Two to five minutes after I’m around people like that, I feel reenergized! And they don’t have to be doing the exact same thing I’m doing. Just hearing them talk about the things they are accomplishing, turns me on!

I’m a pretty self sufficient person but even I have my days. So I have a gift for you: It’s OK to have days where you are NOT motivated! Sometimes it’s a sign that you are doing too much or pushing too hard. Take a break. Relax. Regenerate. For me it’s working in my garden, or doing yoga or reading a book! You can be superhuman! Just be mindful that you are just taking a break and not giving up or stopping all together.

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