Quick Tip Saturday: Take A Bubble Bath

22 Mar



Organizing can be mentally and physically challenging on you. I’m all about doing things that support my mental and physical well being. There are many things you can do to relax and regenerate. Some of you have hobbies, or maybe you have activities that feed your soul. Other people meditate or play music loud for an hour and dance around. Whatever your thing is, I encourage you to do it!! In this blog I will talk about the ways I take care of myself. Maybe you’ll find them useful.

Take a bubble bath!!  Or take a regular bath. Either of them works. I have made my bathroom into a sanctuary a few years ago and i have a great 6 ft long bathtub. Around the same time, I was training for marathons and need to soak my body. I REALLY enjoyed the quiet, the warm water, and the solitude. A few times i brought in a glass of merlot and it made the bath time even better! As time went on, I started to pour in nice bubble bath liquids and my mental health time became complete.

You don’t rush a bath. I suggest 20 minutes at least. When you take a bath, it forces you to slow down. And that’s a great thing.

For the bathtub in the picture go to


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