Becoming A Certified Life Coach

20 Mar


I took my final exam a few nights ago. It was the ONE thing I was anxious about the most when I started this course! (I always get nervous about test taking.) Now that’s done and I can reflect on the journey to getting there.

Last summer I was thinking of added skills to my services in my business. Of course it had to be stuff that would naturally fit into The Super Organizer Universe.  Luckily for me the options are plenty! My field of Organization is huge these days and there are many ways for me go with this. In August I was working in San Francisco with a client and she brought up Life Coaching. I wasn’t that familiar with life coaching. I had some perceptions (that were later debunked) of it being not a serious field; people thinking they are so great that they’re experts to tell others how to live without any training;  its kinda “granola”. You get the point. Well she and others explained to me that it’s a real field and that you are there to “assist” others in their process not tell them what to do. AND there is training and credibility in that field. NO, you don’t have to become certified to call yourself a Life Coach, but like anything training and certification can help.

I came back home to Los Angeles and sat on it for about a week. Then i went online and researched. There are many school and programs but I found Coach Training Alliance (who is part of the International Coach Federation) to be the best fit for me! I signed up for the 6 month Certified Coach Training Program. It cost some real money, so I was really going to need to take this seriously! The materials arrived a week later and from the moment I open the main book and read the first section, Coaching From Center, I was transformed! This course had me look at my truest self first before I began. Then throughout we got training and coaching tools, business and marketing training, hands on coaching experience, and support and encouragement for my awesome instructor,

I learned a lot about myself in the process (which is always a good thing) from getting back into the swing of schooling (studying, reading, being available and showing up to class) to beneficial information that helps improve my business. I feel richer for taking this program! And I have a couple of paying clients already! Yay! I have two more classes left. The online teleclass process was hard to get used to at first, but now i love it and it was convenient for my busy schedule And the six months seemingly went by fast!

It’s inspired me to continue to take other courses and add more skills to myself and my business.  And Today I found out that….I PASSED!!! Now onto the next program!!

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