Super Tip Thursday: Getting Help Within The Household

06 Mar


Getting organized and/or cleaned up is work and takes commitment. If you live alone, then its all up to you to work on it and make it happen. What happens if you live with family members or housemates? It gets a little harder. Especially if you are the one leading the charge for change. Here are a few tips that might help them get involved:

1) Its all in the DELIVERY! Gently communicate why you are wanting the change. Start sentences with “I feel”.     Pick an appropriate time for the discussion. Maybe at the dinner table or a lazy Sunday afternoon. Don’t do it     at your 10 year olds birthday party. And its probably a good idea to do it while sober.

2) Negotiate don’t demand. ASK for their help in this organizing process. You are NOT their boss. Make them       feel included and that you are working TOGETHER.

3) Know that everyone works differently and at a different pace. Stay calm while showing someone how to do        something in the process. It may not be done exactly the way you’d do it but if the end result is good then        celebrate!

4) Compromise on times. If your husband says he is willing to work on it AFTER the basketball game is over,         LET that be okay. If the roommate work two jobs during the week  and says Sunday is best for her, then let       her do her portion on Sunday. Just always remember to listen and communicate.

Remember that the end result is to get organized and that sometimes you need help to make that happen. Asking someone else in the household can be tricky but can be done.


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