Super Tip Thursday: Where Did I Leave The Microwave?!

30 Jan


Where is your microwave located in your kitchen? Is it in a good, safe place in your kitchen? Have you even thought about that before? Accidents in the kitchen happen all of time. Some of those accidents are caused in part by the placement of the microwave!!

Your microwave should be in easy reach for you and others who use your kitchen. Also your microwave should be near a heatproof surface such as a stove top, tile counter or something wooden (like a board or a kitchen block). Hot plates, bowls and dishes coming out of the microwave should be easy to lift down or lift out and over.  You want to avoid burns and such. And keep in mind the direction your microwave door opens. As a lefty, I’m HYPER aware of how EVERY door opens and how I’m going to have to maneuver myself. (I have seen a couple of kitchens that were set up for Left-Handed people.)

Also keep in mind that the stove top and/or countertop near the microwave needs to be clear with enough space to put a plate, bowl or dish on (maybe it’s also time to see what’s on the counter and thin out or rearrange.). Microwave carts are also a good solution. Safety in the kitchen is VERY important!!

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