Super Tip Thursday: In It’s Entirety.

23 Jan



en·tire·ty  (n-tr-t, -trt)

n. pl. en·tire·ties

1. The state of being entire or complete; wholeness.
2. The entire amount or extent; the whole.
Take a look at your “stuff”. Go ahead and take a look at your clothes and accessories. Do you see those magazines and documents on your desk? Then ask yourself, “Do I need the entire thing?” I have a tip to help clear things out of your home or office.
For example, you have a catalog (yes they still exist) and you only want to order ONE thing out of it. Most catalogs nowadays print the website address or phone number to call to order on every page. How about tearing out the ONE page and tossing the rest. Okay, you have an outfit in the closet and you only wear the pants.Maybe its time to get rid of the top and the jacket. You really enjoyed that health tip in that magazine. You can tear that out OR go online and save the page on your computer or laptop. Basically its keep what you USE and NEED, and let GO of the rest.
 If you start to do this regularly, then a pattern will form and little by little you’ll have more space.

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