Good To The Last Drop..The Keurig

08 Jan



Let me begin by stating that I LOVE COFFEE!!!!!!!!! I love the taste. I love the smell. I love the effects. Well I like the effects that coffee has on me when i need it. Over the years I’ve had many coffee makers from brands like Mr Coffee and Krups. and different sizes from the 2-4 cup to the 6-8 cup. No disrespect to any of them. They were all fine and did their job to satisfy my coffee needs. But 4 years i was introduced to a new kind of coffee maker that changed my life FOREVER!!!! The Keurig

One day i walk in the home of my mother and go to make coffee in the kitchen when i happen upon this strange-looking device on the table. “Um..what is this and how am i supposed to make coffee out of it?” I ask my mother. ” Its The Keurig“, she says proudly with a smile on her face. She goes on to explain that she was watching QVC or HSN (don’t remember) and watched them explain the features and she was sold. The Keurig is a single cup coffee maker. Okay that sounds great i thought but where do you put the coffee? She showed me a box full of little cup looking things. Each one has a different label with what kind of coffee was in it. At that time you could only use what they call K-Cups full of dried coffee grounds inside (they have since created an empty reusable cup you can fill with any kind of coffee grounds you want.). I picked the one labelled Donut Shop. There is a compartment where the water is stored. There is a place to put the cup underneath (you can do 3 different sizes of cups.) I put in the K-Cup and press the button. And just like that a star is born!!

The Keurig is great. You don’t waste water. It uses just enough. Its simple to use. Now companies like Starbucks and Dunkin Dounts are now offering their coffee in K-Cups. And It actually helped me cut down my coffee intake because im not making 2-4 cups of coffee at a time and feeling like I should drink that much. One cup made each time. Yes of course there are newer imitators of the Keurig but I prefer the original and I’ll drink to that!




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