Morning Person

06 Jan


I’m a REFORMED nite owl! I am NOW a morning person!!! I NEVER thought in a million years that would happen in my life. I dreaded getting up in the morning. The night time was the right time. I enjoyed staying up late. The later the better which  guess WOULD make me not like getting up in the morning. hehe.

There was something about the darkness and the quiet of the night that calmed me. The craziness and noise of the day was over. Waking up in the morning meant that all of that was to return. No bueno. But something changed when i changed my life five years ago.

I left my old world in San Francisco behind and moved back to my hometown of Los Angeles. The last few years in SF were a little rough for me. I had a clean slate and open path when I came back to LA. I was so happy to be back AND I found my passion, Organizing. Suddenly waking up in the morning isn’t so bad. Actually i look forward to it! The nice warm sunny mornings of South LA were a great motivator.

Then it CLICKED!!! Being happy and excited most of the time made me WANT to wake up in the morning and get started. The possibilities of each day has become a drug of sorts for me. I have my morning routines. The gym. Coffee. Breakfast. All energy boosters in different ways.

Speaking of energy boosters i read in a magazine recently that consuming a tablespoon or two of Almond Butter before you go to sleep at night stabilizes your blood sugar. The other effect is feeling extremely alert when you wake up! Almond Butter?! So i tried it last night. This morning I DID feeling oddly alert!! I was really awake and that was BEFORE my cup of coffee?!

Maybe there is some truth to this new discovery. As a former nurse, I do know that many people are tired in the morning due to low blood sugar, even ones who had a good nights sleep. I”m going to try it again and see if i have the same result. On a side note, I really like Almond Butter, even though I’m not a fan of Almonds. By the way, I’m NOT giving up coffee.


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